Thursday, January 3, 2013

Menu Planning

My Meal Plan & What It's All About

I have a budget that allows $15 per day ($ 5 per meal) for my family of three. After spending several years on a much smaller food budget, I feel blessed to have learned how to feed my family healthy meals for less.

I take advantage of produce and meat sales by buying as much as I can while these items are at a good price. More money up front, but big savings as the month progresses.

I buy Plainville Farms antibiotic free ground turkey and Publix Greenwise antibiotic free meats, so it really is possible to eat healthier food on a tight budget. I have learned that we really don't need to eat meat at every meal, so I try to limit it to one meal per day unless we have leftovers. This has really helped to keep us on budget.

I buy very few pre packaged foods. Other than the pasta, cinnamon rolls, and sour dough bread, everything else is made from scratch.

I grow what I can in pots and on my 1/10th of an acre to help keep my food costs down. It's fairly inexpensive to start and grow from seed.

Meal Plan - January 2013

1. mixed fruit (2x per week)
2. organic eggs & hash browns (2x per week)
3. banana bread
4. muffins
5. cinnamon rolls

1. home made pizza - add whatever veggies are on sale that week & pre cooked chicken
2. soup & crackers
3. pinto beans & sour dough toast
4. BLT's on sour dough bread
5. garden salad
6. leftovers (2x per week)

1. bbq or honey chicken & veggies
2. beans & rice
3. meatloaf muffins
4. pasta salad with beans
5. chicken & rice
6. crock pot meal - meat, potatoes, carrots, & corn, green beans, or peas (makes 2 meals when I use a whole chicken or large roast)
7. leftovers

nuts & seeds
stove popped popcorn
leftover banana bread or muffins

I mix the veggies for meals weekly to keep it from getting boring. I also switch the beans out weekly.

I precook fresh chicken for other meals while I am cooking a chicken meal. It saves time later in the week.

Any food money thats left over at the end of the week goes towards eating out. It's a special treat, but not in the budget to buy regularly.

Being on a budget doesn't have to be boring. With a little imagination, we can all make tasty low cost healthy meals.
Happy Saving!!

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