Friday, January 11, 2013

Discount Movies

My family loves seeing the latest movies out there, but movie theatre costs have skyrocketed. Here are some things we do to save money...

There are several movie theaters in my town that have discount prices on Sundays. Instead of paying $12 on Friday night per person, we pay $6.75 on Sunday.

Redbox is our source for viewing new releases. For $1.39, we can see the latest movie without having to buy it on DVD.

My family is addicted to Netflix. We stream older and recently released movies, TV shows, and educational shows for less than $9 a month.

Happy Saving!


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kunal bhatt said...

Where I live.. There's a cap on ticket prices. A single ticket cannot cost more than 120INR which is like $2.50 per head. I'm talking premium seating. Loving the blog btw.:)

TickledPinkbyTara said...

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